Terms & conditions

  1. BEST PARKING takes responsible care of the car and keys while parked with us but not for any goods left in the car or attached to the keys.
  2. The owner must have a valid insurance and car documents in the car, if failing to provide valid documents, the owner will be held responsible for any fines that may occur.
  3. BEST PARKING takes no responsibility on unforeseeable breakdowns on cars, punctures due to damage, flat tyres, engine failure or others caused by improper use of the vehicles. BEST PARKING takes no responsibility on electric failure, electric windows, damaged windows and low batteries. BEST PARKING takes no responsibility on damage that may occur due to the sun on outdoor parking.
  4. The owner gives permission to BEST PARKING to drive the car between our installations.
  5. There will be no refund if the car is collected before the reservation date. In that case the company can only give a voucher.
  6. No shows on the same day will apply a fee of 10€. All bookings and cancellations have to be made by email to bestparkingmalaga@gmail.com at least 24 hours before collection of the car and our company has to send a confirmation
  7. BEST PARKING has a 24 hours service only by previous bookings confirmed by email from BEST PARKING. If you arrive to collect your car without confirmation within the hours off to 00.00 – 05.00 and you did not inform us by email and receive a confirmation email from BEST PARKING, we will not be held responsible for a taxi or a hotel bill.
  8. The vehicles may be moved inside the installations by the staff of BEST PARKING,according to their needs of places, organisation and services required. The vehicles may be transferred from one facility to another of BEST PARKING in the area of Malaga airport.
  9. BEST PARKING will not be responsible for any loss of valuable goods left inside the vehicle.
  10. BEST PARKING will be held responsible for any damages caused to the vehicles by their staff members.
  11. Any complaint will have to be made, before the vehicle is collected.
  12. BEST PARKING is not bound to return the vehicle if there are any outstanding amounts owed.
  13. You are advised to allow for enough journey time to arrive at the Car Park at least 30 minutes prior to the check-in time given to you by your airline, travel operator or travel agent. We cannot be held liable for any loss you might suffer due to traffic or things that may occur that is out of our control that will get you to miss your flight.
  14. With a map and directions to BEST PARKING are usually provided by way of assistance to you, the Company cannot in any circumstances be held liable for any loss you might suffer if should you get lost and miss your flight.
  15. You should point out to the company any special driving attachments or car features such us disabled driver Controls, key codes, immobilisers, special starting instructions etc as we will not be liable for damage resulting from driver’s lack of familiarity with them.
  16. If the car is not possible to verify when left at BEST PARKING due to being dirty or low light, we take no responsibility of previous scratches on the car. In order to fully check the vehicle when it is dirty, a payment of 5€ for a quick wash will be made for full verification.
  17. In order to preserve the safety of our staff and vehicles, we may need to move mirrors and the driver’s seat of the car.
  18. BEST PARKING does not take any responsibility for any unforeseen events i.e. Natural disasters, terrorism and criminal activity.
  19. The owner of the car must have a valid insurance of the car that covers any road accident.BEST PARKING owns an insurance for any problem in our facilities.
  20. The company has the right to refuse a valet if the car is in bad conditions.
  21. BEST PARKING will choose the place of repair with in Malaga.
  22. Cars parked and abandoned after 6 months. BEST PARKING has the right to sell the car to receive the outstanding amount due.
  23. BEST PARKING will not be held responsible for any interior of the vehicle.
  24. Permission for other parties collecting the vehicle, must be authorised by the owned by email with information of the party collecting including the name, Passport number and copy of the Passport.
  25. BEST PARKING will not be held responsible for accidental damage caused from a request valet.